RUHR-Cup International
U19-Tournament 2019
01. August – 04. August 2019
Tournament rules

  1. Organizer of the tournament is Borussia Dortmund.
  2. All matches will be played in accordance with the rules of the German Football Association (DFB), the Western German Football and Athletic Association (WDFV) and the following rules of the tournament.
  3. The ten teams taking part will be divided into two groups of five teams. A team will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw. If the points of two or more teams are leveled the difference of goals decides, if the difference of goals is leveled, the more scored goals decides. Is this also leveled, the direct comparison to each other will decide, otherwise there will be a penalty shoot-out by the rules of the DFB (3 penalty shooter of each team). The first and second placed teams of each group will play the semi-finals. The third placed teams of each
    group will play the game of fifth and sixth place; the fourth placed teams of each group will play the game of seventh and eighth place, and the fifth placed teams of each group will play the game of ninth and tenth place. All final-round matches ended in a draw will be decided by kicks from the penalty mark (3 penalty shooter of each team). Extra time will not be played.
  4. Basically, only players who were born on or after the 1st of January 2001 are allowed to take part in the tournament. Furthermore, there are up to 6 players who were born in the year 2000 allowed. Every player has to prove his identity and age by presenting a valid official identity card of his football association (with photograph). Identity cards and passports, respectively, as well as a list of players must be submitted to the organising committee before the start of the tournament. The shirt numbers have to remain for all games. In order to increase the strength and appeal of the teams, they may also field players not registered with their club (e.g. players on trial from another club). With consideration of official permissions of providing
    clubs, it is possible to integrate up to four guests players.
  5. All games during the group stage will last 2 x 20 minutes; also the semi-finals and the games of fifth, seventh and ninth place. The game of third and fourth place will last 2 x 30 minutes. The final will last 2 x 35 minutes. If a semifinal-game or one of the finals ends up in a draw, it will go straight into penalty shoot-out (3 penalty shooter of each team).
  6. In every match four players (incl. the goalkeeper) can be substituted. For the final matches (final and match for third place) up to six substitution within four interruptions are allowed.
  7. In addition to the showing a yellow card for a cautionable offence, the referee can show a yellow/red card for a second cautionable offence in the same game, resulting in that player being sent off. In case of a yellow/red card the player is automatically banned from playing in the next game. All yellow cards are eliminated after every single game. If a player is sent off by showing the red card the tournament organisation will assess the penalty during the tournament by the usual regulations of the DFB.
  8. The AWAY team (team listed second) must switch to an alternate jersey if the referee declares a color conflict.
  9. All teams have the obligation to take part in this tournament with their best team.
  10. By participating in this tournament every team agrees to the above rules and to accept all decisions of the tournament organsisation.
  11. Each team will receive a copy of the lists of players of all other teams.
  12. Decisions about disputes that are caused because of incidents during the tournament or the interpretation of the tournament regulations are handled by the tournament leadership. Those decisions are incontestable. This regulation applies for the valuation of the games, too.

Borussia Dortmund
-tournament organisation-